​​FlexRFP™ at a Glance

A Simple, Robust Solution

Comprehensive bid templates:


     - TCO, formulas, etc.


     - Bid templates in choice of

        formats & by event


     - Template library makes

        future projects a breeze


     - Bidder feedback reports


Full questionaire/survey with 



Reverse & Forward Auctions


SoftAuction™ Technology


Excel friendly–upload/download

   unlimited items & suppliers


Designed by career Sourcing



 Robust & Intuitive

 Easy-to-use for buyers and


 Comprehensive functionality

   that is not cumbersome

 Affordable with Rapid ROI

​​Key Benefits of FlexRFP™

Promotes a standardized and 

   consistent negotiation process


 Full audit & archival capabilities

   to substantiate award decisions


 Improves knowledge capture,

   transfer & re-use capabilities

 Cycle time reductions 40-60%

Hard savings average 18%


Proactive status alerts


Familiar Excel-like functionality


Supplier-friendly to ensure 

   their willing participation

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